6 thoughts on “Want more VrroomVIP ESPRESSO in 2016?”

  1. Would love to see Yolanda Rabun again!
    And you should contact Angela Johnson, R&B/soul singer out of NJ/NY. She has a beautiful fresh sound!

  2. Yes, I would love to see more Jazz events in 2016. I attended the Grand Finale and thought it was awesome. Loved the intimate close up setting.

  3. Has the schedule for 2016 been released yet? Want to make sure we don’t miss any of the wonderful concerts!

    & bring back John Dillard…..& Brian Simpson!

  4. The Moore Twins…Moore4Moore Productions…contact John Moore

    Susie Charles (Such)

    5th and York…

    Darnell Showcase Taylor

    Adrian Crutchfield…Charlotte

    Love to see Brian Simpson again

  5. I would like to receive information on upcoming events planned for Jan/Feb of this year (if any). Would like to learn more about your events. Thanks!

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